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Assortment of the house (2 people)

Salted ribs and species

Prawns and sesame toast

Fried squid

Meat rolls with black pepper

Chicken salad with mushroom sprouts


Assortment of Dim-Sums (2 people)

Meat dumplings (grilled)

Shrimp dumplings (steamed)

Vegetable dumplings (steamed)

Meat and shrimp dumplings (steamed)

Shrimp wantun (fried)

Vegetable roll (fried)


Steamed Lobster with background of white egg white pudding and shrimp

Steamed sea bass with ham, mushrooms and Chinese vegetables

Yan-Zhe golden style

Scrambled eggs with prawns

Rice casserole with lobster and scallops

Semi-sweet rice noodle casserole with duck strips

Oysters with silk gabardine

Chatka (crab)




For 2 people:

Steamed scallion with soy noodles and black beans

Crunchy pork feet

Prawns with salt and pepper

Roasted duck

Rice with beef and mushrooms


For 4 people:

Sake soup and ginger clams

Assortment of Chinese mushrooms with oyster sauce

Chatka (crab)

Lobster with salt and pepper

Sirloin steak with rice wine and Manchu style

Peking Duck Lacquered

Swordfish and seafood